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    (I) Heat Cleaning Furnace (also named Carbide Furnace and Paint Removing Furnace)
    K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is a new type of special equipment which is used to clear the coating of reworked components and racks on painting line. It has been extensively applied in the industries of air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric fan, computer and other household electric appliance as well as such industries as motorcycle, bicycle, automobile, communication, steel furniture, aluminum section, sports facility, electric engine recovery, and maintenance of auto engine. The comprehensive performance of K.TECH heat cleaning furnace has reached internationally advanced level.
    1. Principle of Heat Cleaning Furnace
    Heat cleaning furnace is equipped with two relatively independent systems: heating system and temperature & fog control system. In the first heating system, furnace chamber is heated to a certain range of temperature which is automatically controlled by the control system, so that the coating on workpiece can be gradually decomposed into gas. The control system can always ensure for decomposition speed and concentration of decomposer (gas) and can strictly control them to a certain range. When decomposer (gas) enters into the second combustion system, it will be converted into CO2 and steam under the effect of high temperature, which will be discharged via chimney. What are left in the furnace are workpiece and a small quantity of powdered minerals, most of which are dropped from workpiece into the bottom of furnace during the treatment process. A little of powdered minerals left in the furnace can be cleared by gently tapping the furnace or washing the furnace with water.
    2. Application Scope of Heat Cleaning Furnace
    2.1 涂装行业应用
    2.1 Application in Painting Industry
    家电行业喷粉、喷漆挂具处理Treatment of Rack Dusting and Spray Painting in Household Electric Appliance Industry

    客户使用现场Customer’s Utilization Scene
    、汽车行业Automobile Industry

    热洁炉Heat Cleaning Furnace
    Pre-treatment Microwave Oven Rack
    Post-treatment Microwave Oven Rack


    Pre-treatment Air Conditioning Rack
    Post-treatment Air Conditioning Rack


    格栅板处理前Pre-treatment Grating
    格栅板处理后Post-treatment Grating

    汽车轮毂处理前Pre-treatment Auto Wheel Hub
    Pre-treatment Auto Adornment Rack
    汽车轮毂处理后Post-treatment Auto Wheel Hub
    Post-treatment Auto Adornment Rack

    、电脑机箱行业Computer Case Industry

    机箱挂具处理后Post-treatment Case Rack
    机箱挂具处理前Pre-treatment Case Rack
    、五金配件返工方面 Rework of Hardware Fitting

    处理前Before Treatment
    处理后After Treatment
    Used to clear grease and oil stain, etc. in maintenance of auto engine
    Used to clean plastics, etc. on extruding screw in chemical engineering industry
    Used to clean spinneret, etc. in chemical fiber industry
    3. Characteristics of K.TECH Heat Cleaning Furnace
    3.1 K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is a kind of professional equipment which genuinely realizes thermal decomposition in the whole treatment process without damage to workpiece. It is particularly applicable to thin workpiece.
    3.2 With over ten safety protection measures, K.TECH heat cleaning furnace can avoid your fear of trouble in the rear.
    Control the whole treatment process with the combination of gas concentration and furnace temperature.
    The double-circuit control system can provide high reliability (parallel connection of PLC and temperature controller can directly control the key components).
    The negative-pressure operation in the furnace can effectively prevent the blast of organic gases.
    Multi-point temperature measurement can avoid local high temperature.
    Multiloop water spray system can ensure safe operation.
    Equipped with water storage system, the furnace can work safely in case of water supply cutoff. It is also equipped with water level monitoring device.
    The pressure of water spray system can be automatically monitored.
    Control the entry range of locked parameters; provide password protection.
    The explosion-proof door allows for automatic depressurization and reset.
    Independent extreme temperature control can avoid overtemperature in the furnace.
    3.3 K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is characterized by high efficiency, low energy consumption and environmental-friendliness.
    • 高效率废气处理系统与加热系统同步启动有效的阻挡炉内冷热气体的交换,提高升温速度;同时废气处理系统无需加装风机强制排放,避免损失热量及由于空气过多而造成炉内燃爆。
    Simultaneous startup of high-efficiency waste gas treatment system and heating system can effectively stop the exchange of cold and hot gas in the furnace, thus improving the heating speed; waste gas treatment system can realize compulsory discharge of gas without the need of mounting draught fan, which can avoid heat loss and blast in furnace due to excessive gas.
    • 燃烧室采用稀土泡棉模型结构,炉体采用全优质陶瓷纤维棉,它们自身不吸收热量,热利用率高,能耗节约。凯德热洁炉装机容量仅为同类设备的50%(例如C68热洁炉我公司装2STG146燃烧机,装机容量仅为24万大卡;而非专业公司装2BG400中型燃烧机装机容量为60万大卡)
    The combustion chamber is of RE bubble model structure; the furnace body is fully made of high-quality ceramic fiber bulk which does not absorb heat, featuring high heat utilization ratio and low energy consumption. The installed capacity of K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is only 50% of the like equipment (for example, the installed capacity of K.TECH C68 heat cleaning furnace fitted with two STG146 combustion engines is merely 240000 kcal., while the installed capacity of heat cleaning furnace fitted with two medium-sized BG400 combustion engines that is manufactured by unprofessional company is 600000 kcal.)
    • 凯德热洁炉是真正的热分解性热洁炉,炉内通过负压缓慢分解,所产生的有机废气通过二次燃烧室800~1100℃的充分燃烧。烟囱端部无黑烟,排放完全符合国家标准GB16297-96。目前唯一通过环境保护产品认定的热洁炉
    K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is a kind of real heat cleaning furnace which works with the principle of heat decomposition. Decomposition happens in furnace slowly under the effect of negative pressure. The organic gases generating from decomposition fully burn in the secondary combustion chamber at a temperature of 800~1100℃. The top of chimney is free of black smoke; the discharge of gases fully conforms to National Standard GB16297-96. K.TECH heat cleaning furnace is currently the only heat cleaning furnace that has passed the certification of environmental-friendly product.
    3.4 K.TECH heat cleaning furnace has a long service life (about 10 years).
    All key components adopted are famous-brand components imported from Germany, Japan and Sweden, etc.
    The combustion chamber is molded by using RE bubble mould; the external part is fastened with stainless steel.
    Internal lining of the flue is made as a whole, featuring long service life and good insulation effect.
    The internal wall of the furnace is fastened with stainless steel mesh and cotton or is designed with the structure of ceramic fiber bulk, featuring good insulation effect.
    The unique patented double-system design can improve the treatment capacity by 100% and reduce energy consumption by one fourth under the same conditions.
    4. After-sales Service of K.TECH Heat Cleaning Furnace
    4.1 K.TECH provides one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance for its products that have been sold. All our products can enjoy free repair and lifetime maintenance if any failure affecting equipment utilization occurs within one year since the day when installation and commissioning are completed.
    4.2 为进一步提升凯德牌产品在客户心目中的品牌形象,真正做到始于客户要求、终于客户满意,让客户买得称心、用得舒心、用后放心,特向国内外新老用户承诺如下:
    4.2 In order to improve the brand image of K.TECH products in the eye of customers, to truly achieve “basing upon customers’ request and directing at customers’ satisfaction”, and to make customers pleasant and feel at east about the purchase and utilization of this product, K.TECH hereby makes the following commitment to old and new customers at home and abroad:
    K.TECH executes strict product design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service. With sincerity, enthusiasm, persistence and pursuit, the staff of K.TECH has been wholeheartedly providing customers with optimal equipment collocating scheme and first-rate product quality as well as considerate installation and maintenance service.
    To facilitate customers’ timely transmission of information about installation and maintenance, our after-sales service hotlines (0760-88416999; 13302829480) are keep available around the clock. You are welcomed to call us for inquiry at any time.
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