• FS-450N,ultrasonic cell crusher,厂家直销,超声细胞破碎


     品牌:上超  型号:FS-450N  频率:20k Hz 
     功率:450 W 破碎容量:10ml-300 ml ml 电源:220 V 
     重量:0.4 kg 用途:中药萃取,破碎细菌和病毒组织   
        Ultrasonic homogenizers are multi-function and multi-purpose instruments that utilize intense high frequency sound to induce cavitation in liquid. As the cavitation bubbles collapse, high shearing energies disrupt animal and plant tissue, and lyse yeast, bacteria and spores.  The ultrasonicator can also be used for non-biological applications such as emulsification, nanoparticle dispersion, intense washing or acceleration of chemical reactions (sonochemistry).
    Technical parameters
    Model: FS-450N
    Frequency range:   20KHz (frequency is auto-tracking)
    Output power:   450W (0%-100% continuous adjustable)
    Total working timer: 1s  99 hours with pause function
    Ultrasonic output impulse: Ultrasonic on timer:1s  99 min
    Ultrasonic off timer: 1s  99 min
    Duty ratio: 0%-100%
    Diameter of ultrasonic probe: Ф13mm
    Sample processing volume: 5mL 300 mL
    Packing size: 40X30X39cm
    Weight: 7.5kg
    Working environment and conditions:
    Environment Temp.: 0  40
    Environment: Indoor (no corrosive gas)
    Relative Humidity: 85% T=20℃)
    Power Supply: 110VAC, 60Hz
    Energy converter Temp.: 0  120
    Sample type: Solutions

    The principle of working

        This machine is made up of an ultrasonic power supply and an ultrasonic transducer assembly (generator or probe). The ultrasonic power supply converts the input single-phase electricity of 110VAC, 60Hz into an alternating electrical signal of 20-25 kHz, 600V.  The circuitry consists of a power rectifier, power switcher, a frequency conversion system, power amplifier, phase-locked frequency automatic tracking device, power regulator, power detector, power protector device and microcomputer controller.
        Driven by the appropriate impedance and power, the transducer subassembly generates mechanical energy through a piezoelectric resonator which is focused and amplified with a tuned, titanium metal horn (probe). When the probe tip is immersed in sample solution, intense, high frequency sound waves coming from the tip of the probe induce cavitation.  As the cavitation “bubbles” collapse, high shear forces break or tear open the cells.  Indeed, cavitation forces are high enough to break covalent bonds and, hence, ultrasonicators can be used to fragment high  molecular weight DNA.

    超声波处理器 超声波细胞破碎仪
    超声波细胞萃取仪 超声波乳化仪
    超声波技术文档资料 实验室超声波清洗仪
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