• Spiral Phase Plate, Vortex Phase Plate


     型号:SPP-808-1-S11  加工定制:否  用途:Spiral phase plate with Conti  
     Material:Fused Silica,Si,Ge  Beam Mode:Beam Mode  Surface Structure:Continuous Surface  
     Phase depth toleranc:±30nm (<±2.5% for 633nm)  Topological Charge:1~30   

    Vortex beam is a special light field including a spiral phase structure and orbital angular momentum (OAM), which has been widely used in many fields. Such as optical communications, optical tweezers, quantum information transmission, Solar coronagraphs and the super -resolution imaging.
    The topological charge L is very important, it refers to the number of 2π cycles etched around 360° turn of SPP surface. One main effect of a higher topological charge is an increase in the angular momentum of the vortex beam by a factor of L.
    We manufacture the Vortex phase plate (VPP) by moving mask technology. Using a 2D specific mask, the target optical surface can be completed by a single moving exposure process. Different types of SPPs were fabricated by using the method, whose roughness are less than tens nanometers.

    Spiral phase plate (SPP) Processing capacity
    Comparing to the traditional multiple overlay exposure method, our moving mask technology is easy to fabrication and more cost effective. We could manufacture the SPP with different wavelength, topological charge and element sizes. The delivery is usually 2~4 weeks (uncoated).
    Specification parameters
    Wavelength 266nm~10.6μm
    Beam Mode Single Mode TEM00
    Material Fused Silica,Si,Ge
    Element Size 6×6x1 mm(Mounted in 1 inch holder
    11x11×1 mm(Mounted in 1 inch holder
    Φ 25.4×3 mm
    Surface Structure Continuous Surface
    Phase depth tolerance ±30nm (<±2.5% for 633nm)
    Topological Charge 1~30
    Coating(Optional) Non AR/AR Coating
    Transmission efficiency 92% ~100%
    Overall Efficiency: >90% >98%
    * Please check with our engineer for the wavelength
    Standard product list of Vortex phase plate (VPP)
    We have developed a series of standard products of spiral phase plates. Below standard products are basically in stock. The delivery is around 1 week.
    Part Number Wavelength/nm Element Size/mm Topological Charge (L) Coating Overall Efficiency
    SPP-532-1-S6 532 6x6 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-532-2-S6 532 6x6 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-532-1-S11 532 11x11 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-532-2-S11 532 11x11 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-532-1-R25 532 25.4 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-532-2-R25 532 25.4 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-1-S6 632.8 6x6 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-2-S6 632.8 6x6 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-1-S11 632.8 11x11 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-2-S11 632.8 11x11 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-1-R25 632.8 25.4 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-633-2-R25 632.8 25.4 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-1-S6 808 6x6 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-2-S6 808 6x6 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-1-S11 808 11x11 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-2-S11 808 11x11 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-1-R25 808 25.4 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-808-2-R25 808 25.4 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-1-S6 1064 6x6 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-2-S6 1064 6x6 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-1-S11 1064 11x11 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-2-S11 1064 11x11 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-1-R25 1064 25.4 1 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-1064-2-R25 1064 25.4 2 AR Coating ~98%
    SPP-905-1-S11 905 11x11 1 Non 90%
    SPP-1550-1-S11 1550 11x11 1 Non 90%
    Reference price for the Spiral phase plate
    Element Size /mm Wavelength Coating Unit price/USD
    1 inch (25.4mm) <2000nm Non 1800
    1 inch (25.4mm) Standard wavelength* AR/AR Coating 1950
    6×6x1 mm Standard wavelength* AR/AR Coating 520
    11x11×1 mm Standard wavelength* AR/AR Coating 800
    *standard wavelength is 532nm, 632.8nm, 808nm and 1064nm.
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